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These are short articles that American Flyer enthusiasts have contributed. We are always interested in adding more. If you have a short topic that you think might fit on this page, please don't hesitate to contact the webmaster. Usually a photo or two (if applicable) and some core data are all that is necessary.




A.C. Gilbert Press Photo Proofs
Ted Hamler

Original press photo proofs for several catalogs.

A.F. Accessories
Ted Hamler

A quick note about how to wire American Flyer accessories.

A.F. Dealer/Repair Center Signs
Ted Hamler

Photos of dealer and repair center signs.

Allied Circus Cages & Trucks
Ted Hamler

A description, with photos, of Allied circus trucks, cages, and animals from the early 1950s.

American Flyer Boxes
Ted Hamler

A trip through history showing the various packaging boxes A.C. Gilbert used for American Flyer products.

Ted Hamler

The history of A.F. couplers as currently used in S.

Europe's A.F. Contemporaries

A description of the various European S-scale contemporaries to A.C. Gilbert.

Girl's Train
Ted Hamler

A uniquely-painted, not commercially-produced S-scale train set, modeled after a Lionel O-gauge set.

Hobo Box Car
Ted Hamler

Ted's supplemental photos to a recently-published magazine article about this rare car.

Ted Hamler

Information about the different track systems that A.C. Gilbert made.

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