NASG Bernie Thomas Memorial Award


This aware is presented in recognition for meritorious service to S-scale and/or the NASG. The Bernie Thomas Memorial Award (BTMA) is our "Hall of Fame" award. It is our top honor that can be bestowed.

About Bernie Thomas

In the early 1960s, S-scale manufacturers were few and S-scalers predicting a bright future were fewer. Bernie Thomas was one of those few. He was active and optimistic, working tirelessly to support newcomers with articles on American Flyer conversions and other simple projects. He volunteered to become the NASG's General Director and developed the rotating, visiting club format, which evolved into the present-day NASG Convention. He traveled unselfishly to attend meetings and judge contests wherever S could be promoted. The May 1965 NESGA Convention is said to have been a tribute to his organizational ability. He died unexpectedly at the age of 50 in July of that same year.

Bernie Thomas was born in Lima, Ohio, and became a Senior Metallurgical Inspector with Jones and Laughlin Steel Corporation in Pittsburgh, PA. He never married, splitting his time between work, his hobby, and caring for his invalid mother. When he died in 1965, he left many saddened friends and a legacy for the NASG organization to grow and flourish.

Dick Schlott and the Deep South S Gaugers originated the Bernie Thomas Memorial Award shortly after Bernie's death.

Award Specifics


Presented once a year at the NASG Annual Convention.


The award is an honorary membership in NASG good for life, plus a plaque/trophy.


It is the responsibility of the person in charge of the BTMA to inform the NASG Membership Secretary of the present year's BTMA recipient in order that the recipient can be added to the membership roster as an honorary member. It is also the responsibility of the person in charge of the BTMA to inform the NASG Membership Secretary when a BTMA recipient is deceased in order that the Membership Secretary can remove the deceased from the current membership listing.


A majority vote by the NASG Board Of Trustees of candidates nominated by the individual Board Of Trustees members.


After 1980, the NASG Board Of Trustees determined the Award could be bestowed upon an individual one time only as the intent of the Award was not for the same individual to receive it year after year. Plus, an Honorary Membership in NASG can only be received one time. Current NASG Board Of Trustees members are not eligible for nomination.


The cost of the plaque/trophy and costs of NASG membership will be financed from the NASG General Fund.

Winners of the Award

1966 Wallace Collins (d)

1967 Frank Titman (d)

1968 Frank Titman (d)

1969 Ed Schumacher (d)

1970 John Bortz (d)

1971 Robert Blois (d)

1972 Claud Wade (d)

1973 Howard Sandusky (d)

1974 Donald Heimburger (d)

1975 Leonard Giovannoli (d)

1976 Walter Graeff (d)

1977 Barbara (d) & Joshua (d) Seltzer

1978 G. Richard Cataldi (d)

1979 Donald Heimburger (d)

1980 John Sudimak (d)

1981 Ernie Horr (d)

1982 Don & Robin Thompson

1983 Tom Coughlan (d)

1984 Sam (d) & Elaine Powell

1985 Avery "Swede" Norlin (d)

1986 Ronald Bashista (d)

1987 Rollain Mercier (d)

1988 Donald DeWitt

1989 Tom Marsh

1990 Bill Krause (d)

1991 Kent L. Singer

1992 Russell M. Mobley (d)

1993 James A. Kindraka

1994 Michael R. Ferraro

1995 Richard N. Karnes

1996 Douglas G. Peck

1997 Diane & Billy Wade

1998 Alan Evans

1999 Edward Loizeaux

2000 Lee Johnson (d)

2001 Thomas H. Robinson, Jr.

2002 Paul Yorke

2003 Craig O'Connell

2004 John Foley

2005 Bill Mark, Jr. (d)

2006 Jesse Bennett (d)

2007 Stan Furmanak (d)

2008 Bob Werre

2009 Jeff Madden

2010 Ron (d) & Sue Sebastian

2011 Dan Navarre

2012 Bill Peter

2013 Bill Fraley (d)

2014 Robert B. Nicholson (d)

2015 Jim Whipple

2016 Lee McCarty (d)

2017 Dave Blum

2018 Brooks Stover

2019 Paul Stevens (d)

2020 Ken Zieska

2021 Jamie Bothwell

2022 Peter Vanvliet

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