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About the Home Page Photos

Below is a bit more detailed information about the photos shown in our home page's rotation. Click the photo below to see the larger version used on the home page. To help keep this listing fresh, please consider sending the webmaster a photo of your layout, your diorama, your module, your model, or an S-scale event photo.

Photo #1

copyright © Bob Hogan; used by permission.

Truckee is a joint yard facility servicing both Southern Pacific and Western Pacific Railroad locomotives after their runs over the Sierra. In this photo we see a modified and detailed Overland brass Southern Pacific F7A/B set in the foreground and a River Raisin brass SP SD9 emerging from the roundhouse lead. At the sanding facility is a brass Overland Western Pacific A/B set of FT locomotives, an American Models GP9 and a brass Overland Alco S-4 switcher. Each locomotive has been detailed for specific WP locomotives. On the far sanding track are four additional American Models GP9 engines. All are detailed and modified for specific Southern Pacific prototypes. The first two are SP passenger Geeps. Bob's photo appeared on the inside cover of the August 2022 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman in the NASG promotional ad campaign. For information on how you can have a photo of your layout appear in one of the NASG ads in RMC, see this page. There are more photos available of Bob's "Sierra Northern" layout on this page.

Photo #2

copyright © Roger Nulton; used by permission.

A coal drag holds for scheduled freight #43 at Wallace Junction, IN where the Midland Coal Branch meets the main on the Monon Route. Roger Nulton photographed the action on his 29' x 62' layout. The Pacific locomotive and the coal hoppers are from American Models. The EMD BL2 diesel locomotive was built from a resin kit available from B.T.S., but is now out of production. The track is Tomalco code 100. The coal chute, as the Monon called them, was built from a Lehigh Valley Models kit. Roger's photo appeared on the inside cover of the July 2022 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman in the NASG promotional ad campaign. There are more photos available of Roger's layout on this page.

Photo #3

copyright © Simon Parent; used by permission.

It is 1939 in southern Quebec, and a CNR local freight behind H6-class 10-wheeler #1338 is heading east to Dunham with a short consist of gondolas. The locomotive was built by Simon Parent from parts of his own design plus parts that were available from S Scale Locomotive & Supply. The model matches the prototype #1338 details with the modifications it had in 1938. The stock car is a resin kit Simon produced several years ago based on a CNR Fowler car. The wood reefer is a modified S-Helper Service car with 3D-printed roof and hatches. The steel 8-hatch reefers are CNR Series 1 cars built from MLW Services resin kits. The CNR gondolas are pilot models of a kit Simon plans to release soon. The truck on the bridge is a modified Hartoy item. Simon hand-laid the track and scratchbuilt the bridge from engineering plans. Simon took the photo, which appeared on the inside cover of the June 2022 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman in the NASG promotional ad campaign. There are more photos available of Simon's layout on this page.

Photo #4

copyright © Gaylord Gill; used by permission.

A PRR RSD5 is working Koenig Fuel at Olean in southwestern New York. Gaylord Gill took the photo on his 1953-era Buffalo & Chautauqua layout. The photo appeared in the May 2022 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman magazine's NASG ad, on the inside front cover. The RSD5 locomotive is an early brass import by Alco Models, while the brass tank car was made by Southwind Models; both are custom painted. The code 100 trackwork includes flextrack from Tomalco Track and turnouts from Old Pullman. Arttista provides many of the S scale figures on Gaylord's layout, although he sometimes alters their poses. There are more photos available of the Buffalo & Chautauqua on this page.

Photo #5

copyright © Bob Werre; used by permission.

Bob Werre sent in this photo to show the Lehigh Valley Models' track bumpers. However, it is such a good shot of close-up detailing that can be achieved on a layout, module, or diorama. There is a lot to see, such as several structures, a raised wall with aged stones, three spurs, several freight cars, and much grass and weeds growing. You can see more photos of Bob's layout on this page.

Photo #6

copyright © Darby Marriott; used by permission.

A reminder of good times had for those who were able to attend the 2022 NASG Convention in Buffalo, NY. The Southeastern Michigan S Gaugers were set up front-and-center in the vendor hall. We have more photos taken at the show on the 2022 NASG Convention site. Also be on the look-out for photos and more information in both the Dispatch as well as the S Scale Resource magazines. Work will soon begin on the web site for the 2023 Convention in Harrisburg, PA.

Photo #7

copyright © Paul Washburn; used by permission.

Paul Washburn shares a photo of an oil distributor building he completed in July. The model is scratchbuilt.

Photo #8

copyright © Stephen Hatch; used by permission.

A beautiful scene on Stephen Hatch's layout. The focus is the J. J. Harris building, which is a kit by Ragg's... to Riches?. The building is large, as it measures almost 7" wide and 24" long. Steve says the building was enjoyable to build, but it is a bit complex. You can learn more about Steve's layout by viewing this page.

Photo #9

copyright © Alan Balma; used by permission.

Alan Balma shares with us a photo of a scene set in the Fall of 1956 at Stanley, NY. It is on his PRR Elmira Branch switching layout that models the towns of Penn Yan, NY and Canandaigua, NY. The layout measures 18' by 30' in an around-the-room design, with a peninsula. The track is Shinohara code 100 with turnouts built using the Fast Tracks jigs. The layout is controlled by a wireless NCE DCC system.

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A flashback, showing one of Jesse Bennett's huge steam engines still running.
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