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6-inch Pocket Ruler

This sturdy, stainless-steel, 6-inch pocket ruler has engraved markings on both sides. Both sides show full inch marks, with one side also showing 1/8th (S-scale 8") and 1/16th (S-scale 4") demarkations, and the other side showing 1/32nd (S-scale 2") and 1/64th (S-scale 1") demarkations. The zero mark is the left edge and the 6" mark is the right edge of the physical ruler. It comes in a protective plastic sleeve. Price is for one ruler; two are shown in the photo so as to show both sides at the same time.

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12-inch Architect Ruler

This triangular architect's ruler measures just over 12 inches in length and is made out of black aluminum. Demarkations are laser-etched in white for maximum legibility. The 3/16th scale marks off S-scale foot measurements (even numbers are indicated, with the in-between longer line marking the odd foot number, and the shorter lines indicating the 1/2-foot or 6-inch markings). The individual markings to the right of the zero-mark indicate the S-scale inch marks. The other scales of the ruler can be used to measure scaled drawings in other scales and then use that measurement with the 3/16th scale to mark off the S-scale equivalent. Price is for one ruler, and shipping is included.

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