News: Freight Cars

This report lists freight cars that are available or in the works. This page may also contain detailing parts and other items applicable to these cars.

May 23, 2020

PRR Container Load

PRR HB1A Container

by Lanes Trains
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PRR DB4A Container

by Lanes Trains
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A few details that won't 3D-print correctly have been omitted, but can be added by the modeler with brass wire. The bottom is hollow, so you can add weight, if needed. Photos of the O-scale version Bill Lane mentions on his page can be found here: Kohs O-scale.

May 19, 2020

NASG AF Commemorative Cars Change

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Upon thorough review of the NASG's contract with Lionel, Lionel's requirement that the NASG American Flyer Commemorative Cars be sold only to active NASG members, apparently expires after three years of the signing of the contract. So, for all but the 2019 car, the previous restriction of having to be an NASG member has now been lifted from this web site (and if you order them directly from Dave Blum). It applies to the 2018 tank car, because the contract for those was signed back in 2017 (they were a bundled deal).

May 04, 2020

Sn2 24-foot Box Car Kit

by Mount Blue Model Co.
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Mount Blue Model Co. releases a new Sn2 box car kit for a 24-foot early Dyer-built model with a 5'3" door opening. When on their web site, search of the kit number "61s" to find it more quickly.

April 19, 2020

Midway Model Makers Instruction Sheets

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Mick Hinkle contributes the 1948 instruction sheets for Midway Model Makers models. The sheets seem to apply to the four scales of models for which they made kits.

April 19, 2020

Steel GS Gondola Kits

by Pre-Size Model Specialties
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Pre-Size Model Specialties announces their 42-foot steel GS gondola kit. The kits are available for the Southern Pacific, Union Pacific, Northern Pacific, Illinois Central, D&RGW, and undecorated. The kit includes everything except for trucks and couplers. Photo shown is the pilot model that Bob Hogan built, and the photo is courtesy of Bob. Bob stated that the kit goes together easily. The web site includes links to download the PDF version of the kit's instructions. Kits can be ordered now, and shipping is free.

April 16, 2020

Possible Three-bay Open-top Hopper


John Degnan is proposing approaching American Models to produce an S-scale three-bay, open-top, offset hopper, to be decorated for the Atlantic Coast Line with a paint scheme for up to the mid-1950s. The plan is to produce at least 20 models of each road number (three different numbers). They would come without couplers, and would be available with or without trucks (but would come with their mounting screws). This would allow one to install AF-compatible trucks and couplers, or "scale" trucks and couplers on the model. If this project proves to be successful, other offset hoppers are planned. Contact John via e-mail to let him know in how many you would be interested in purchasing.

March 15, 2020

Superior Auto Car Doors

by National Scale Car
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This is National Scale Car's first S-scale product, which is a pair of Superior auto box car doors for the Pacific Car Shop's 10'6" interior-height steel auto box car.

March 03, 2020

Announcing the New "NASG Annual Car Program"

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The NASG is announcing the new "NASG Annual Car Program". The "A.F. Commemorative Car" project has come to an end with the 2019 issue of the special-edition caboose (it, and several other cars are still available, some at a reduced price!).

The new, limited-edition cars are available only to NASG members. The current plan is for the annual car to be related to the location of the annual NASG Convention. Since this year's Convention is in Minnesota, the car for this year is an MN&S box car. Follow the link above to learn more.

February 09, 2020

Port Lines Hobby Supply Updates

AF TNT Exploding Box Car Ends

by Port Lines Hobby Supply
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3D-printed replacement part.

December 10, 2019

Projects Status Update

by Smoky Mountain Model Works
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Jim King, of Smoky Mountain Model Works, announced a summary of all the S-scale projects he has going for us. If you have not yet indicated to the company that you are interested in one or more of these projects, please do so now, so that he can determine how many to produce.

January 2020
- B&O M-15k box car kit
- ASF 50-ton Ride Control (re-release)
- revised B&O M53/M53a decals.

- AC&F 40-ton archbar truck (5'6" wheelbase).

- MILW 40-foot rib-sided box car kit with full length ribs.
- PC&F 57-foot mechanical reefer (R-70-15 class), suitable for freight roads and UPFE/SPFE.

- MILW 40-foot ribside box car kit with short ribs.

- T-section Bettendorf truck (5'6" wheelbase).
- AC&F 70-ton covered hopper kit, with 8 square roof hatches; built in 1940.
- PS-1 40-foot box car kit with various door widths.
- Southern/D&RGW 52'6" PS gondola.

November 03, 2019

Sn2 Trucks

Sn2 Freight Trucks

by Smoky Mountain Model Works
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Smoky Mountain Model Works (SMMW) has manufactured Sn2 trucks before. They offer both freight and passenger trucks. They are thinking about doing another run of these, using the latest in production methods, which will reduce the number of parts required to assemble these truck kits. If you are interested in either of these, please contact Jim King at SMMW a.s.a.p., so that he can devote some time to completing this project.

November 03, 2019

Wheel Painting Mask

by Fred Rouse
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Fred Rouse, former owner of S Scale Locomotive & Supply, still has wheel-painting masks available. These are made out of plywood, and can be used for 33" and 36" wheels. He sells the mask for $10, including shipping.

November 03, 2019

Wheelsets for Scenery

Sn2 Freight Trucks

by Smoky Mountain Model Works
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Smoky Mountain Model Works has wheelsets that were a manufacturing mistake. These are not suitable for actual rolling cars (they would wobble), but they are still usable as scenery items or as flat car loads. Part #64-TK-33WS is a set of ten 33" wheelsets for $15, and part #64-TK-36WS is a set of ten 36" wheelsets for $15.

October 27, 2019

PRR XA 28' Box Car

by B.T.S.
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B.T.S. announces another freight car fitting the late-1800s time period, the PRR XA box car. This kit comes without couplers, trucks, and decals. B.T.S. will have the decals available by the first week of November 2019. Update: B.T.S. is announcing an introductory offer of PRR XA Box Car 5-Pack for $200 (part #09426.1). They mentioned that the appropriate trucks are available from Wiseman Model Services. The prototype car weighed 21,000lbs and could carry between 30,000 and 40,000lbs of a load. Prototype information can be found on the web site. (HO-scale model shown in photo)

September 29, 2019

New S Scale America 10K Tank Cars

SSA1424 Sinclair

by S Scale America
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S Scale America (Des Plaines Hobbies) introduces 7 new paint schemes to their existing line of 10,000-gallon tank cars. These will come with AF-compatible wheels and couplers, but can be changed out by the modeler to "scale" version (not included). There will be three road numbers for each road name available. They are expected to arrive in late October 2019, and will retail for $59.95. As of this update, the models are not yet listed on their web site, so you will have to contact them to place your order. Update: they arrived at the store the day before Ron Sebastian's untimely passing.

SSA1423 Union 76

SSA1422 Cities Services

SSA1421 Gulf

SSA1420 Mobilgas

SSA1419 Phillips-66

SSA1418 Citgo

August 10, 2019

Patrick's Trains Cars

Track Cleaning Car with K-Line Box Car Body

by Patrick's Trains
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Patrick's Trains has taken their O-scale design and adapted it for use on S-scale models.

Marsh Wheeling Cigars Steel Rebuilt Box Car

by Patrick's Trains
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On special commission by the retail store Patrick's Trains, MTH manufactured these box cars. Only 48 models were made.

August 07, 2019

Pikesville Models Announces New Reefers

Schmidt's Beer (Michigan) Reefer

by Pikesville Models
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PFAFF Beer (Boston) Reefer

by Pikesville Models
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Baltimore American Bock Beer Reefer

by Pikesville Models
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Pikesville Models commissioned MTH to produce three new reefers for them. The models are available with two different road numbers each.

August 04, 2019

Possible Freight Car Detailing Parts

by Smoky Mountain Model Works
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Smoky Mountain Model Works is considering producing a number of freight car detailing parts (no passenger car, steam or diesel engine, parts; freight only). Suggested ideas are:
- air brake components
- brake levers, platforms, staff yoke
- brake wheels: what style?
- doors: size?
- roof hatches
- roofwalks
- steps: what style?
- ladders: specify number of rungs and height

If you have any ideas or interest in any of the above, or additional detailing parts that you find that are missing in S-scale, contact the company via their web site or the e-mail link.

July 15, 2019


by Smoky Mountain Model Works
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Smoky Mountain Model Works is considering producing one or more of the following trucks:

1. ACF 40/50 ton archbar truck, 5' 8" wheelbase
2. T-section Bettendorf, 5' 8" wheelbase
3. Vulcan with coil & leaf spring (3D-printed insert), 5' 8" wheelbase (used under cabooses, not just freight cars)

Contact the company to express your interest. Price will be $32 per pair complete with wheelsets, brake shoes/beams, screws, sideframes, bolsters and springs.

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