The NASG Dispatch Back Issues - Supplemental Files

This page contains a listing of the supplemental files that Steve Monson provided for his "Easy to Build Turntable" article in the January/February 2017 Dispatch.

Brick 1 8½x11 (image)
Brick 1 11x17 (PDF)
Brick 2 8½x11 (image)
Brick 2 11x17 (PDF)
Brick 3 8½x11 (image)
Brick 3 11x17 (PDF)
Brick 4 8½x11 (image)
Brick 4 11x17 (PDF)
Stone 1 8½x11 (image)
Stone 1 11x17 (PDF)
Stone 2 8½x11 (image)
Stone 2 11x17 (PDF)
Stone 3 8½x11 (image)
Stone 3 11x17 (PDF)
Stone 4 8½x11 (image)
Stone 4 11x17 (PDF)

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