NASG Annual Member Cars

This program was started in 2020. These are cars produced by a manufacturer exclusively for active NASG members. The cars will be available with either "hi-rail" wheels and couplers, or "scale" wheels and couplers. Your purchase of one or more of these cars helps to financially support the NASG. All previous years' cars have sold out, and you can see those listed on this page.

Contact person: Norman Bos

2023 NASG Annual Member Car


This year's car is based on the St. Lawrence Starch Company Limited (SLAX) single-dome tank car. The car was used for transporting the company's "Golden Bee Hive" corn syrup. The company was started in 1889 in Port Credit, Ontario, Canada, and was a major Canadian manufacturer of corn based starch, glucose, and feed products. Their large factory required rail service. The company owned ten of these unique tank cars, numbered in the series 5021 - 5024, 26101 - 26103, and 49101 - 49104. The company ceased production in 1990, and shortly after that the factory was demolished.


The models have been manufactured for us by American Models. They can be ordered with either scale or (sold out!) hi-rail (AF-compatible) wheels and couplers. We are offering two prototype-based road numbers, which you can order singly or get both in the two-pack for a savings of $5. This unique 39' car was painted yellow (top) and blue (bottom). The cars were built in 1949 and will have a last-serviced date of 1961 on them. They were used into the 1980s.

This photo is the American Models pre-production photo of the model. The models arrived in mid-October 2023.

Shipping Costs

To U.S. or Canadian Addresses

Shipping is included in the prices listed below for those members who live in the U.S. or Canada.

Outside of North America

If your shipping address is not in the United States or Canada, you can postal mail your order (see below for how to do that, and you will need to convert your currency to U.S. dollars), or you can choose to pay online. We use PayPal and they will convert your currency into U.S. dollars at the current exchange rate. All prices shown on this web site are in U.S. dollars. We can ship world-wide. Unfortunately, shipping internationally costs more, so to order one or more of these cars, and shipping outside of North America, do the following:

  1. determine which car or cars you would like to order.
  2. e-mail Norman to have him calculate your additional postage.
  3. purchase your items via the online shopping cart below, and enter the extra postage quoted to you when so prompted during check-out.

Order Via Postal Mail

If you prefer to place your order via postal mail, include a check or money order (in U.S. dollars, drawn against a U.S. bank) for your order total in the envelope. See the above section for information about shipping (extra shipping applies if your mailing address is outside the U.S. or Canada). Make the payment out to "NASG" and mail to:

Norman Bos
128 Fir Place #7397
Star Valley Ranch, WY 83127

Please include the following required information in your correspondence:

  1. your NASG number (found on your NASG membership card; active NASG membership is a requirement);
  2. your name and shipping address;
  3. which car, or cars, you want;
  4. your telephone number or e-mail address (in case we have any questions).

Order Online

Click the "Add to Cart" button next to the car or cars you would like to order and pay online via PayPal (no PayPal account required; can checkout as a guest and use debit or credit card). Limited inventory remaining. Active NASG membership required.

SLAX tank car #49104 with hi-rail couplers & wheels:


SLAX tank car #5024 with hi-rail couplers & wheels:


Both SLAX tank cars with hi-rail couplers & wheels:


SLAX tank car #49104 with scale couplers & wheels:


SLAX tank car #5024 with scale couplers & wheels:


Both SLAX tank cars with scale couplers & wheels:


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