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File-sharing Services

There are many file-sharing services available, and they may make your life easier. However, from my perspective, they tend to have and create a bunch of extra overhead. So, I will not accept any submissions of files on a file-sharing service that requires any kind of log-in, account-creation, or other such efforts. If the file that you want to submit for my consideration for use on this web site can be directly accessed on a third-party's site, then feel free to let me know about it. Otherwise, please consider using any of these methods below for submitting one or more files.


Please don't ask me to call you. I simply don't have the time for telephone conversations. My days are maxed-out, and I am much more efficient at dealing with e-mail.

Contact Via e-mail

You can contact me via e-mail using the address (click the link to start a new e-mail message). e-mail is always welcome, and can be sent at any time. I will get to it a.s.a.p.

All e-mail is read and (if necessary) responded to, as soon as possible. If you are expecting a reply and you haven't heard back within 24 hours, it could be that the message did not make it across. Try the form below instead.

All e-mail correspondence with the NASG webmaster is considered private. Your e-mail address will not be used for any other purposes other than to try to respond to your question or send a thank-you reply. If your topic includes information that one or more of the NASG officials (e.g. the Membership Secretary or Dispatch Editor) should be made aware of, the webmaster may forward some or all of your e-mail's message to them.

Feel free to attach photo or document files to an e-mail to the webmaster. The above-mentioned e-mail address has no file-size restrictions set on it, but your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may have a limit set on your e-mail account. If you hit that limit, feel free to send multiple e-mails with one or more files attached.

Contact Via a Form

Instead of composing an e-mail, you can fill out the simple form below. It does the same thing, in that once you press the Send button, an e-mail message will be composed and sent to the webmaster. All fields are required. Note that the "Answer:" field requires the correct answer, which we use to prevent automated submission of spam (i.e. it is used to make sure that a human-being is submitting this form).

(If you wish to send a file to the webmaster, use the "Send a File to the Webmaster" page instead)

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