River Raisin Models F3B

Manufacturer:River Raisin Models
Road Name:(undecorated)
Model Introduced:1991
Product Type:Brass
F3/F7 B-unit. This was a special project by customers' request. These models were possible as a "tack-on" project to the River Raisin FT project, which were produced as a set of A- and B-units. The customer was able to add details to make this model into an F3B or F7B unit. As a side note, extra drive units were manufactured as part of the FT project as well, allowing modelers, who had bought the Overland Models' F3 or F7 units, to replace those models' rather noisy drive mechanisms with the newer ones with which the FT models were equipped.
photo © (River Raisin stock photo)

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