SouthWind Models Box Cars, Double-sheathed

Manufacturer:SouthWind Models
Manufacturer ID:SWM-B1
Category:Box Cars, Double-sheathed
Road Name:Reading (RDG)
Prototype Class:XMU
Product Type:Brass
50-ton, double-sheathed box car. A brass import from Korea that needed to be painted, have decals applied, and S Kadee #802 couplers installed. The trucks that come with this model are of the Taylor Flexible type only seen on the Reading Railroad. Ed painted the model with Scalecoat II paint and used John Hall #109 Reading decals for box cars of many classes. This particular model was finished up as a XMv class built in 1937. Extra parts added were cut levers and pulling staples. By the way, this model was freshly painted when this photo was taken.
model owned by Edwin Kirstatter
photo © Edwin Kirstatter

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