Scenery Unlimited Passenger Cars, Combine

Manufacturer:Scenery Unlimited
Manufacturer ID:S102
Category:Passenger Cars, Combine
Road Name:(undecorated)
Model Introduced:1988
Product Type:Craftsman Kit
Polystyrene sides, ends, floors, and detail parts. Wood roof. Can be built with or without truss rods; less trucks & couplers; simulated wood sides; reproduction of Kinsman wood kit.
Manufacturer:Scenery Unlimited (click for web site)
Category:Passenger Cars, Combine
Road Name:Pullman
Prototype Era:1880-1950
Model Introduced:2011
Product Type:Kit
This resin kit represents a 20th Century open vestibule wooden car. The kits consist of resin sides, ends, one-piece roof (with simulated tarpaper covering), and floor/frame. Also included are: one-piece plastic end railings, resin steps, truss rod stanchions, brakewheels, and two curved roof end pieces. The modeler needs to add truss rod wires, turnbuckles, underbody detail, end handrails, (stove) smokestacks, vents, acetate for the windows, and trucks and couplers.
model owned by Gerry Evans
photo © Gerry Evans

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