Cleveland Designs Box Cars

Manufacturer:Cleveland Designs
Manufacturer ID:RBR
Category:Box Cars
Road Name:Baltimore & Ohio (B&O)
Prototype Class:M-26a
Model Introduced:1937
Product Type:Craftsman Kit
Model Online Article:visit site
The prototype for this car was similar to the Pennsylvania Railroad's X29 (and the S Scale America model released in 2013). However, these kits used paper printed sides and roofs, with a printed running board. The two ends were printed in box-car-red and had white lettering. The corrugated doors were printed as well and were part of the side image. There was also an Ajax brake wheel that you could cut out and paste on one of the ends. This is all to be folded and placed upon a wood box they tell you how to make from the sizes of wood they may have supplied in the kit.
photo © (Cleveland Designs stock photo)

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