Chad Boas Flat Cars

Manufacturer:Chad Boas
Category:Flat Cars
Road Name:Seaboard
Model Introduced:2012
Product Type:Kit
Model Online Article:visit site
This is a resin flat car casting. Ed built and painted it. He used Jerry Glow decals to model a Seaboard F-6 50-foot, 50-ton car. Chad provides a nice resin casting, a wood laser cut deck, and some plastic channel from which to make stake pockets. The model shown includes Kadee #808 couplers, cut levers, brake wheel and staff, grab irons, sill steps, tack boards, S-Helper Service trucks, and a Grandt Line AB brake system. Ed's load of telephone poles was made from 56, 1/4" wood dowels cut to about a scale 40' long, then tapered some, and painted to look like creosoted poles. They were stacked on this car 7 wide by 8 high. To tie them down, pin striping tape with wood stakes in stake pockets and cross ties above were used. It now weighs 9-1/2 ounces.
model owned by Edwin Kirstatter
photo © Edwin Kirstatter

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