CatzPaw Innovations M.O.W.

Manufacturer:CatzPaw Innovations (click for web site)
Manufacturer ID:TRN64SNPL1
Road Name:Northern Pacific
Model Introduced:2014
Product Type:3D-printed
This 3D-printed Russell Winged Snow Plow kit is loosely based on the Northern Pacific Railway version. It is designed with hinged side wings (h-Bar brass hinges) utilizing lock bars (pinned hinges) with a magnetic latching system allowing the wings to be set varying positions and keeping those wings in place during operation. Also included is a lower blade that magnetically attaches to any metal chassis. Key components of the snow plow kit have been pre-assembled, only the detail options (railings, steps) and the clear windows need to be added. You can use the 3D-printed railings and steps provided in the kit or substitute your own versions. The American Flyer Caboose railings will fit nicely. These items can be affixed using a superglue (Cyanoacrylate) to permanently mount them to the snow plow shell. The entire snow plow is 3D printed in ABS plastic except for the clear windows which are cut from a clear styrene sheet. If desired, the kit can be sanded with extra smoothing achieved by wiping down the shell with acetone; which will also yield a shiny finish. ABS plastic can be painted with acrylic and enamel paints with or without a primer. We recommend a paint sealer if the unit is to be handled a lot or run on a regular basis. The shell has been designed to mount to a standard American Flyer caboose chassis measuring 42-44mm wide by 115-118mm long. It is available in the following colors of ABS plastic: gray, gold, red, tan, brown, blue, green, orange, black, and white.
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