Super Scale Models (undecorated) Passenger Cars, Sleeper

Manufacturer:Super Scale Models
Category:Passenger Cars, Sleeper
Road Name:(undecorated)
Product Type:Craftsman Kit
The car sides and ends are photo-etched copper, coated on the backside with lead solder for stiffness. The kits also include a stamped brass floor, a few white-metal castings for steps and underbody detail, and a wooden monitor roof section whose ends Dick had to trim and file to create the required curve. Crude trucks of Super Scale's own manufacture were available for these cars. This particular model shown, a 12-section/1-drawing-room sleeper, has Nimco trucks, MHP diaphragms, Walthers HO-scale roof vents, and added hand grabs. The car is still awaiting lettering.
model owned by Dick Karnes
photo © Dick Karnes

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