Standard Railway Castings Company Canadian National Railways (CNR) Box Cars, Double-sheathed 40'

Manufacturer:Standard Railway Castings Company
Manufacturer ID:CN-006
Category:Box Cars, Double-sheathed
Road Name:Canadian National Railways (CNR)
Road Number:542087
Product Type:Kit
These kits were based on the Pacific Rail Shops' kits. This model features a 10-foot inside height, a built date between 1938 and 1940, National Type B-1 trucks, S-corner 4-5 Dreadnought ends, cast-resign flat panel roof, and Green level leaf decals that were used on the prototype from 1954 until 1991. In addition, the model has some weight was added inside the body, four new ladder castings with sill steps at bottom (with two steps bent from flat wire to be cemented on), end-sill grab irons are formed wire, cut levers were added. Finally, Kadee #802 S-scale couplers with plugs in the centering springs were used to cut down on slack action in the trains. The Air Brake reservoir was turned crossways and all plastic piping replaced with wire after drilling holes for them. A brake slack adjuster plate was added. The undecorated car was painted with Scalecoat II S-2018 Boxcar Red. The lettering supplied was C-D-S S-1 which Ed transferred to decal paper and put on the usual way. A coat of Dullcote finished it leaving the trucks black. The final step Ed did was to add the destination cards on the door tack boards.
model owned by Edwin Kirstatter
photo © Edwin Kirstatter

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