SouthWind Models Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) Refrigerator Cars, Express

Manufacturer:SouthWind Models
Manufacturer ID:SWM-0001
Category:Refrigerator Cars, Express
Road Name:Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR)
Prototype Class:R50b
Model Introduced:1987
Product Type:Brass
The originally unpainted model was made in Korea by Daiyang Models. It is a 13-ounce model. The second photo is of Ed Kirstatter's model. These have operating ice hatches and sprung trucks. The trucks, appropriate for any PRR P70 coaches, were available separately. However, the wheels were originally gauged for the old NMRA standard, so they will need some adjustment to the current NMRA/NASG standard, if not yet so done. Dick Karnes reviews this model in the Fall 1987 issue of the NASG's Dispatch.
Photo #2
model owned by Bob Werre
photo © Bob Werre

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