SouthWind Models Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) Cabooses

Manufacturer:SouthWind Models
Manufacturer ID:SWM-C6
Road Name:Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR)
Road Number:478081
Prototype Class:N8
Prototype Era:1951
Model Introduced:1995
Product Type:Brass
Model Online Article:visit site
A small number of these models were available factory-painted and lettered with either freight-car brown or tuscan red. The majority were sold unpainted. Ninety models were made with the PRR antenna and ten models without. The main photo shows Bill Lane's model which required many hours to super-detail. Photo #2 was taken by Ed Kirstatter of Jack Sudimak's model, which shows the trainphone antenna and the gray-painted cupola.
Photo #2
model owned by Bill Lane
photo © Bill Lane

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