Regal Kits Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) Gondolas

Manufacturer:Regal Kits
Road Name:Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR)
Prototype Class:G22
Product Type:Craftsman Kit
Model Online Article:visit site
Regal Kits Class G22 PRR 48-ft. gondola. Same style, content, and basic construction as the 65-ft. mill gondola. Specimen built by Dick Karnes. Northeastern Scale Models sprung Bettendorf trucks. HO Kadee couplers. The product was reviewed in the October 1962 S Gauge Herald.

The second photo is of Ed Kirstatter's PRR G22b. This kit included decals. Some extra details have been added to the model shown in that photo, such as S-Helper Service Y-type trucks and Kadee S #802 couplers. The removable wood load was made from lots of ice cream bar sticks! It weighs 8-3/4 ounces, partly due to the brass bar put in the center sill of this otherwise all-wood kit.
Photo #2
model owned by Dick Karnes
photo © Dick Karnes

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