Mainline Models (undecorated) Stock Cars

Manufacturer:Mainline Models
Category:Stock Cars
Road Name:(undecorated)
Product Type:Craftsman Kit
The kit had no manufacturer's number. The kit claims to build a 36-foot stock car, but the final model winds up being a 40-foot car. Also, it is too wide at ten feet. The instructions are for their O-scale version of this model with an O-scale brake wheel included and cast metal end sills. The kit includes exploded drawings and an O-scale assembly sheet with lettering board location diagrams for 24 different railroads. The lettering supplied was printed on pre-painted boards to be glued to the completed painted car. The main photo shows Alvin's model for which he used Northeastern Scale Models trucks and Kadee couplers. The model was weathered with chalk. Photo #2 is of the SP version Bob Hogan built. Photo #3 is Allen Ambler's Armour Stock Express model. Photo #4 is of the model built by Ed. He added complete brake piping and rigging to the KC brake casting, a retainer valve and its pipe, and a smaller brass brake wheel. The staples for grab irons that were furnished with the kit were replaced by Northeastern Scale Models' wire ones. He used Scalecoat II S-2013 Boxcar Red paint to paint the added details to match the kit's body color. Finally, he installed Kadee #802 couplers, and REX Bettendorf scale trucks. No decals were in the kit for the data lettering. The finished model is quite light.
Photo #2
Photo #3
Photo #4
model owned by Alvin Clapp
photo © Alvin Clapp

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