Lionel Chessie System (B&O) Cabooses

Manufacturer ID:4-9400
Road Name:Chessie System (B&O)
Road Number:9400
Model Introduced:1980
Product Type:Ready-to-Run
Chessie/B&O. This is a combination cupola and bay-window caboose. Note that we don't have a photo of the original Lionel Chessie car. The one shown in the photo was a car that was professionally repainted and lettered for the BN. Later Ted modified the caboose to add a miniature wireless color and sound camera that is powered by a 9-volt rechargeable battery. He added a toggle switch in the bottom of the car to open the circuit between the battery and camera to save the battery life (see Photo #2). While installing the camera, he had to drill out the rear window (see Photo #3) to allow the camera to peer out the rear of the caboose as it travels down the track.
Photo #2
Photo #3
model owned by Ted Hamler
photo © Ted Hamler

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