Chester Industrial Arts New York Central (NYC) Passenger Cars, Roomette

Manufacturer:Chester Industrial Arts
Category:Passenger Cars, Roomette
Road Name:New York Central (NYC)
Model Introduced:1958
Product Type:Craftsman Kit
Produced in the late 1950s, this Pullman fluted-side, streamlined 80-foot roomette car kit consisted of stamped aluminum sides, aluminum doors, thick sheet aluminum ends, wood roof and floor, two spacer blocks to separate the roof and floor, window celluloid, and sponge-rubber full-width diaphragms. At the time, the S-scale kits sold for $2 each. This particular model sports Enhorning trucks, a homemade full-width diaphragm, added hand grabs, and a cardstock letterboard. Decals are Champion. These cars were later re-released in S-scale by J-C Models with improvements that included detailed cast ends.
model owned by Dick Karnes
photo © Dick Karnes

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