Chesapeake Models Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) Hoppers, 3-bay Open Top

Manufacturer:Chesapeake Models
Category:Hoppers, 3-bay Open Top
Road Name:Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR)
Prototype Class:H39
Model Introduced:1995
Product Type:Kit
Prototype information about this car is covered starting on page 112 of John Teichmoeller's "Pennsylvania Railroad Steel Open Hopper Cars" book, published by Highlands Station, Inc.

A product review of this model appeared in the April 1995 issue of the S/Sn3 Modeling Guide.

The kit consisted of a one-piece injected styrene body (pre-painted black and lettered), a separate underframe, and three sprues of detail parts. As built per instructions, the car weighs a light 3.2oz. The project was started by John Craft, owner of Chesapeake Models, but it was under-capitalized, so eventually Des Plaines Hobbies bought it out (November 1995) and brought the car to market. It was the 1995 NASG Convention car.

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