CMX (undecorated) Track-cleaning Cars

Manufacturer ID:CMX-S
Category:Track-cleaning Cars
Road Name:(undecorated)
Model Introduced:2016
Product Type:Brass
These cars are available online via Tony's Train Exchange and Traintek LLC, but may be special-ordered from any retailer that carries CMX products. CMX makes these track cleaning cars in all scales. CMX recommends acetone as the cleaning liquid (hence the need for a brass body to hold the 9ml of liquid). However, acetone can melt plastics, so other solutions, such as the much more gentle (diluted) Simple Green may work as well. The car is available with either AF-compatible couplers and wheels (main photo), or scale couplers and wheels (Photo #2). Photos #3 and #4 are by Mike Marmer of his hi-rail version. The video is also by Mike Marmer, showing the car in action on his layout.
Photo #2
Photo #3
Photo #4
photo © (CMX stock photo)

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