Product Gallery: Waterloo Boy Vehicles

Sorted by prototype year (if known) and then by prototype model name/number, where available.

Prototype:1914 Waterloo Boy Model R (prototype info site)
Model Manufacturer:Ertl
Model Manufacturer ID:562
Product Type:Die-cast
Length:prototype: 11'11"; model: 11'9"
Width:prototype: 6'0"; model: 5'9"
Height:prototype: 5'3"; model 5'6"
Prototype Video:visit site
The prototype model only one speed forward and one speed reverse, at about 2mph. It used kerosene for fuel. It uses chain to steer. It weighs about 4,000lbs. It has a two-cylinder motor that provided 12hp. The tractors were built by the Waterloo Boy Co. of Waterloo, Iowa. Over 9,300 were built. In 1918 they were bought out by John Deere, and this became John Deere's first tractor. The overall shape of the model is correct, but as with a lot of Ertl items, it is a bit crude. For example, the space between the legs under the tank at the front should be completely open. The wheels all rotate; the rear ones are connected to each other, while the front ones rotate independently.
photo © Peter Vanvliet

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