A.F. Product Gallery: Track: #710

Manufacturer:American Flyer
Manufacturer ID:710
Road Name:Steam Whistle Control
Year Introduced:1946
Both the Automatic Track Section and the Steam Whistle Control had the number "710" assigned to them by Gilbert. The 710 Automatic Track Section was produced in 1946-47 and was used on action cars such as the 715 Auto Unloader Car, 716 Coal Dump Car, and the 717 Log Unloader Car. All of these cars had an inside rail pick-up (see second photo of the 1946 Coal Dump car) to activate a solenoid on each of these cars to create the action needed for the car.

The 710 Steam Whistle Control was produced in 1955-56 and Gilbert's answer to putting a whistle into their locomotives. Gilbert's first attempt at a whistle in a locomotive was in 1949 with the 314AW, which had to be pulled from the market in 1950 because a patent infringement law suit by Lionel. This unit is part of the 1955 5545W New Yard King set that is highly desirable as it is headed by a 346 0-8-0 switcher and was the only 0-8-0 that was equipped with a whistle.
Photo #2
model owned by Ted Hamler
photo © Ted Hamler

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