A.F. Product Gallery: Track: #26790

Manufacturer:American Flyer
Manufacturer ID:26790
Road Name:Trestle Set
Year Introduced:1961
The #26790 Trestle Set was produced from 1961 through 1964, in just one variation. There are 26 black piers which range in height of 1/2" to 5". What makes these different from the others produced by Gilbert is that they were designed in such a way that they could be used for both standard track and Pike-Master track. Shown in the photos, the two posts on top of the trestle pier fits between the ties of the Pike-Master Track. These two post are short enough to allow the standard track's metal tie to fit over the post as well, and to snap onto the pier. Photos #3 and #4 show the piers compared with a #780 trestle pier.
Photo #2
Photo #3
Photo #4
model owned by Ted Hamler
photo © Ted Hamler

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