NASG Perles Publication Award

Purpose of the Award

To provide recognition for the efforts of person or persons who best present the S-scale story to outsiders through an article published in a non-S publication, which promotes and publicizes S-scale. Staff writers paid by the publication in which the article appears are not eligible for any part of the award.

Tony Perles

Tony was a published author and wrote a number of articles of various types for the S-scale press. For a while, Tony produced a line of S-scale dry transfers, and also did much of the art work for the dry transfers produced by Clover House. He was an avid railfan and model railroader who was especially fond of S-scale in which he did his primary modeling.

Ed Loizeaux and Bill Roberts originated the Perles Publication Award in June 1987 using part of Tony Perles' estate as a foundation for the award. The Honorable Mention was proposed by Moe Berk and approved by the NASG Board of Trustees in 1998.

Award Specifics


Presented once a year at the NASG Annual Convention, provided there are articles which qualify.


Cash award of $100, plus plaque/trophy. (For the 1989 Award only, an Omnicon Scale Models F7, donated by Omnicon Scale Models, was awarded in addition to the $100.)

Honorable Mention:

Up to a maximum of 2 Honorable Mentions may be presented once a year for articles, which qualify for promoting S scale in a non-S scale publication, but the article(s) does not receive the Perles Publication Award. Recognition is to be a certificate. All restrictions of the Perles Publication Award also govern the Honorable Mention.


By NASG Board of Trustees majority vote of articles nominated by Perles Publication Award Committee.


For an article to qualify, it must appear in publication over a one year period, April 1 through March 31 of the following year. The publication must be on the newsstand or received by subscribers within this time period regardless of the publication cover date.


Proceeds from auction of Tony Perles' S scale items and any donations to this award were put into the NASG General Fund. Any interest from the proceeds of the auction and any donations will finance the award. If the interest does not completely cover the cost of the award, NASG General Fund monies will be used for the remainder necessary to complete the value of the award.

Winners of the Award

1988 Bob Leners
Model Railroading, July 1987
"Layout Tour: Bob Leners' S Scale 3-Foot Narrow Gauge Rio Grande Southern" (cover and 5 pages)
1989 Roy Hoffman
Classic Toy Trains, Fall 1988
"The S Gauge Penn Western" (mentioned on cover & 4 pages)
1990 Bob Werre
Model Railroader, July 1989
"Cheyenne Mountain Railroad" (cover & 5 pages)
1991 Vic Roseman
Railroad Model Craftsman, October 1990
"The Central Jersey S Scalers' Modular Layout" (cover & 5 pages)
1992 Mike Palmiter
Great Model Railroads 1992
"Modeling New York City in S Scale" (6 pages)
1993 Bob Nicholson
Model Railroader, January 1993
"The Iowa Central" (3 pages)
1994 Brooks Stover
Model Railroader, December 1993
"The S Scale Buffalo Creek & Gauley Railroad" (mentioned in the August 1995 issue of MR on page 141)
1995 Mike Martin
Railroad Model Craftsman, January 1995
"The Great Smokey Mountain Rwy: A Railroader's Railroad" (4 pages)
1996 Gil Bennett
Model Railroading, January 1996
"Mecur & Topaz Railroad" (cover & 6 pages)
1997 Craig O'Connell
World Wide Web S Scale Pages
"Model Railroading" (8 pages)
1998 Roger Nulton
Great Model Railroads 1998
"The Monon Route" (8 pages)
1999 Dave Jasper
Model Railroader, January 1999
"The Central New England Rwy" (6 pages)
2000 Frank Titman (d)
Great Model Railroads 2000
"Spiral Hill Railroad" (7 pages)
2001 Keith Thompson
Model Railroader, February 2001
"S Scale Empire with a Narrow Gauge Past" (4 pages)
2002 Dick Roberts
Railroad Model Craftsman, October 2001
"Joel Shank's Sn3 Rio Grande Southern" (cover + 7 pages)
2003 Kenneth Ehlers
Model Railroader, October 2002
"Rocky Mountain Narrow Gauge Empire" (8 pages)
2004 Roger Carp
Classic Toy Trains, November 2003
"S Gauge His Own Way" (4 pages)
2005 Jesse Bennett (d)
Model Railroader, July 2004
"Great Northern Pacific"
2006 Craig Raymond
Finescale Railroader 2006 Narrow Gauge Annual
"RGS in Sn3" (12 pages)
2007 Brooks Stover
Railroad Model Craftsman, December 2006
"The Buffalo Creek & Gauley R.R." (9 pages)
2008 Art Fahey
Railroad Model Craftsman, September 2007
"The Making of Wharf Street" (5 pages)
2009 Jim Martin
Railroad Model Craftsman, May 2008
"The S Scale Workshop" (7 pages)
2010 Paul Scoles (d)
Great Model Railroads 2010
"Diamond Stacks To The Sierra Nevadas" (8 pages)
2011 Brooks Stover
Great Model Railroads 2011
"Steam's Last Days on a West Virginia Shortline"
2012 Brooks Stover
NMRA Magazine
"One Prototype, Two Modelers, Two Scales"
2013 Gaylord Gill
NMRA Magazine November 2012
"Creating an Award Winning S Scale Display Layout"
2014 Brooks Stover
NMRA Magazine, April 2014
"Modeling B&O's EL-3 in S Scale"
2015 Paul Dolkos
Great Model Railroads 2015
"Right-sizing Mountains and Industry"
2016 Dick Karnes
Great Model Railroads 2016
"Building a "What If" Railroad Under Catenary"
2017 Dan Munson
Railroad Model Craftsman, March 2017 (a photo of Dan holding his award can be seen on page 8 of the October 2017 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman magazine)
"Kaw Valley Line"
2018 Dave Rickaby
Model Railroader, December 2017
"The Best of the Badger State"
2019 Brooks Stover
2019 Model Railroad Planning
"Same Railroad in a Smaller Space"

Honorable Mention

1999 Edward Loizeaux
Railroad Model Craftsman, June 1998
"Visiting the S Scale National Convention" (3 pages)
2001 Roy Hoffman
Model Railroad News, October 2000, December 2000, February 2001
"S Curves" column" (5 pages)
2002 Mark A. Edwards
Classic Toy Trains, December 2001
"11 Pieces of Christmas" (5 pages)
2003 (none)
2004 Paul Scoles (d)
Narrow Gauge & Shortline Gazette, January/February 2004
"Klamath Local" (cover & 6 pages)
2005 Ed Loizeaux
Great Model Railroads 2005
"The Other Side of the Catskills"
2006 Dick Karnes
Railroad Model Craftsman, April 2006
"Kitbashing an NYC Class DEf 2-D-2 Locomotive"" (2 pages)
2007 Vic Roseman
Classic Toy Trains, January 2006 & February 2006
"Build a Lightweight S Gauge Layout"" (2 parts - 10 pages)
2008 (none)
2009 (none)
2010 (none)
2011 Roger Nulton
NMRA Magazine, March 2011
"Master Model Railroader Earned"
2011 Keith Thompson
The Keystone Modeler, Autumn 2010
"PRR's P5A Electric Motor in S-Scale"
2012 (none)
2013 Dick Karnes
Railroad Model Craftsman, November 2012
"Operations on the NYW&B"
2013 Pete Smith
Railroad Model Craftsman, November 2012
"The Loon Lake Railway & Navigation Company"
2014 (none)
2015 Bob Stelmach
NMRA Magazine, April 2014
"Using On30 as a Basis for S Scale Modeling"
2015 Nigel Bowyer
Continental Modeller, August 2014
"Forest City & Southern"
2015 Bob Stelmach
NMRA Magazine, April 2014
"Using On30 as a Basis for S Scale Modeling"
2016 Brooks Stover & Gaylord Gill
NMRA Magazine, April 2016
"S Scale Modeling in Southeastern Michigan"
2016 Bob Werre & Steve Doyle
Great Model Railroads 2016
"The Burlington Route along Route 66"
2017 (none)
2018 (none)

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