This is a brand-new page to this web site, and it is being worked on at this moment. For as long as this image is on this page, it is not finished yet.

The purpose of this page is to cover topics related to how to do traction and/or trolley modeling in S-scale.



William Flatt

William Flatt used to be the main provider of traction and trolley parts for S-scale, but he has retired and closed up shop. You may still be able to find some of his parts on the secondary market.

Rivers Traction & Trolley

Jim Rivers of Rivers Traction & Trolley (; 540 County Line Road, Gates Mills, OH 44040) bought out the "O'Toole Lines" product line after Tom O'Toole's passing in 2001. Below are photos of their products suitable for use in S-scale as was shown on the Yahoo Groups Traction discussion forum.

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