How to Model in Sn2

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Sn2 is ideally suited for those modelers whom have little space. In the real world, two-foot gauge was used because space was at a premium, there were narrow clearances along the right-of-way, the railroad wanted to keep their costs as low as possible, or a combination of these factors.

Sn2 Couplers


Sn2 modelers can use the Kadee #714, which is an HOn3 coupler.


Some are using the Kadee #705, also an HOn3 coupler.


Another suggestion has been to use the Kadee #153 short-shank HO-scale coupler. These are also available in a 25-pack economic package. Photos of their use can be found on the this Sn2Trains web page.

Finally, another alternative are the HO-scale Sergent Engineering couplers. You can see photos of them being used on this Sn2Trains web page.

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