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These are the current photos in background rotation on the home page. Click the photo below to see the larger version used on the home page. Each weekend a new photo is added to the top of the list, so there is always something new to see. To maintain that pace, we need your photo!

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Rusty posted this photo to one of the S-scale discussion groups a while back. Even though the models are of an early generation, a modeler can still have a lot of fun updating, correcting, or fixing them.

Photographer: Rusty Rustemier; used by permission.

A couple of guys are working (well, at least one is) on top of the reefer icing facility, shoving ice blocks into the refrigerator cars. The figure talking with his supervisor is a June's Small World figure (called "The Boozer"), where Gaylord removed the figure's beer bottle in his hand, and replaced it with the steel wire. It just goes to show what a little creativity with figures can do to set all whole different scene.

Photographer: Gaylord Gill; used by permission.

At the Reading Prototype Modelers Meet in September 2019, Bill Lane showed off some of the work he has been doing in S-scale. A Railroad Prototype Meet (RPM) is really a mini convention focused around a particular prototype railroad or just a gathering of people who enjoy modeling the fine details. In addition, there may be local tours of railroad-related items or museums, and perhaps some clinics. Vendors will show their wares, and one or more layouts may be set up in the RPM hall. Since this is open to modelers of all scales, it is a great way to introduce other serious modelers to S-scale.

Photographer: Bill Lane; used by permission.

Gerry is a true mastercraftsman. His structures are first-rate. This photo is of his banta modelworks "Ridgway Park Hotel". That kit was originally released in 2001. That exterior staircase on the right-hand side with its continuously-varying roof-line must have been a challenge to build.

Photographer: Gerry Evans; used by permission.

This photo was taken at the 2018 NASG Convention in Boxborough, Mass. The Canadian "S Scale Workshop" had their layout set up in the Convention hotel. Simon is a member of this group, and he took this photo of one of the scenes on the layout. Engine #4208 is a Canadian National Railways (CNR) 2-10-2, class T-3-a. The model is a kit that Simon designed and for which S Scale Locomotive & Supply provided the parts. There were a total of 10 of these engines bought from the Boston & Albany railroad and added to the CNR roster in 1928. They had originally been build by Alco in 1919. All were scrapped by the mid-1950s. Our "Product Gallery" has a pair of full photos of this model.

Photographer: Simon Parent; used by permission.

This is a group photo of Indiana's Hoosier S Gaugers, taken at the 2019 NASG Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio. The group is shown behind their modular club layout which they had displayed at the Convention.

Photographer: Charles Malinowski; used by permission.

Figures are an important element in creating a believable scene. Here is a crew taking a mid-morning break at the back of the diesel service workshop. The figures are by Artistta.

Photographer: Terry O'Kelly; used by permission.

At this year's NASG Convention, Gaylord Gill won the best-of-show award with his "Erie FW Interlocking Tower". Gaylord spent many months working on this model since he was going to enter it as a "Master Craftsman"-level entry. He super-detailed the interior, which included 3D-printed switch levers. Meticulous documentation was provided to the contest judges to clearly communicate the amount of effort that had gone into this project. The prototype tower sat at the intersection of the Erie, Buffalo Creek, and PRR railroads, within the city limits of Buffalo. The model will find a home on Gaylord's layout.

Photographer: Gaylord Gill; used by permission.

Alex Zelkin is a Frenchman modeling a fictional Sn3 railroad which he calls the "Degulbeef & Cradding Railroad". His modeling work is exquisite. This photo shows his Railmaster Exports 4-4-0 running on his layout. You can see more photos of his layout on this web site, and this web site. Alex wrote a book on how he built his layout, titled "The Degulbeef & Cradding Railroad: History and Construction of a Mining and Logging Model Layout". There are several places that carry his book, so do an online search. Alex is actually in the process of dismantling his layout. We look forward to his new creation!

Photographer: Alex Zelkin; used by permission.

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