Did You Know?...

Just some fun facts about S-scale.

Look Who Started with American Flyer!

Famous prototype photographer and author Jim Boyd
(source: Railroad Model Craftsman magazine, October 1978 issue, pg 76).

Well-known artistic modeler and author Malcolm Furlow
(source: Railroad Model Craftsman magazine, September 1978 issue, pg 102).

Silent-movie comedian and actor Buster Keaton
(source: Trains Magazine web site).

Well-known HO-scale model railroader and author Allen McClelland
(source: Railroad Model Craftsman magazine, March 1977, pg 44; shows layout photo).

Railroad Model Craftsman magazine contributor Mike Schafer
(source: Railroad Model Craftsman magazine, August 2015, pg 78).

World-famous HO-scale model railroader George Selios
(source: Model Railroader magazine, various issues).

Interesting Places for S

Apparently the headquarters building of the Kansas City Southern Railway, located at 427 W 12th St, Kansas City, Missouri, has an S-scale display layout in their building.

The Kansas City Union Station, located at 30 Pershing Road, Kansas City, Missouri, has a multi-scale layout which features an S-scale section. Or, at least it did. There was some remodeling taking place in that area, and it is uncertain if the previous S-scale section still exists. However, apparently a new S-scale "Polar Express" layout is in the planning stages.

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