2022 Buffalo CanAm

Layouts At the Convention Hotel

At the convention, two outstanding modular layouts will be on display representing the exquisite modeling of members from both sides of the border.

The S Scale Workshop

The primarily Canadian-based S Scale Workshop has been around in one form or another for more than 25 years, promoting S-scale at train shows far and wide. Its uniquely Canadian vibe is due to the use of locomotives and rolling stock specially designed and built by its members. Their current Free-mo-style layout has attended three past NASG Conventions and the Workshop crew is looking forward to setting up once more in Buffalo.

copyright © Simon Parent (click for larger version)

Southeastern Michigan S Gaugers

The SMSG display layout consists of sixteen modules which, when assembled, create an oval-shaped S-scale layout measuring 14' x 36'. To accommodate a broad range of equipment the layout has three mainlines, one is designed for scale wheelsets, while the other two can handle hi-rail wheelsets and American Flyer rolling stock.

copyright © Brooks Stover (click for larger version)

The layout features at least 50 structures, and many of these are scratchbuilt or kit-bashed. Over a period of nearly two decades, more than 30 modelers have contributed to the benchwork, trackwork, structures, and scenery of this display layout.

Local Area Layouts Open for Visits

Buffalo is home to some great model railroad enthusiasts, in S as well as other scales. While at the 2022 Convention, be sure to experience their modeling mastery in these local layout tours. Location details will be made available at the Convention.

Dan Malkiewicz

S/Sn3, hi-rail (American Models code 148, 100% complete). Scenery includes portions that are floor-to-ceiling, and is 100% complete. The layout measures 18' x 50', and is set in the mid-1950s to mid-1960s, covering a transcontinental theme featuring New England, Altoona Horseshoe Curve, Colorado/Utah, Grand Canyon, and the Pacific coast. It was featured in the NASG Dispatch, March 2018, pg 24-25 & 33, and on the March 2017 cover.

copyright © Dan Malkiewicz (click for larger version)

Ron Kemp

S, scale (S-Helper Service, MTH, Fox Valley Models, 100% complete). The scenery is about 35% completed of this 12' x 46' layout. The "New York Central Belt Line" is set in Buffalo, circa 1959-62. It was featured in the NASG Dispatch, March 2022. You can view more photos on the layout's NASG web site page.

copyright © Ron Kemp (click for larger version)

Gregg Mummert

S, hi-rail (American Models, 100% complete). Scenery is about 25% complete on this layout, which operates with AC, DC, Lionel TMCC, and Lionel FlyerChief. You can view more photos on the layout's NASG web site page.

copyright © Gregg Mummert (click for larger version)

Frank Battaglia

O, 3-rail (GarGraves, 100% complete). This basement-size layout has 100% completion of scenery, and was featured in April/May 2006 issue of O Gauge Railroading magazine. See a YouTube video of his layout. This is a YouTube video taken during an operating session on the layout.

copyright © Frank Battaglia (click for larger version)

Bruce Aikman

O, 2-rail (handlaid, 100% complete). The "Central of New York (Allegheny mountains)" is a large layout that has about 30% of the scenery completed on it. It is set in the 1940s-1950s. Some of the steam locomotives operated on the layout are scratchbuilt, decorated for eastern railroads. The layout is run via Digitrax DCC.

copyright © Bruce Aikman (click for larger version)

Gary Reynolds

HO (code 83, 100% complete). This medium-sized, shelf-style, 1950s layout, called "Grand Allegheny Railway", features 100% complete scenery set in the northwestern Pennsylvania Appalachian mountains. It has a main yard, two staging yards, and a major city plus three small towns. It focuses on operations using the car cards/waybill method. Structures are craftsman kits or kit-bashed with interior details and lighting. The layout is run via Digitrax DCC. See a YouTube video of the layout.

copyright © Gary Reynolds (click for larger version)

Frank Pastore

HO (code 100 and 83, 100% complete). This large, shelf-style layout, called the "Allegheny Central Railroad", is set in the late-1950s to 1960s in the West Virginia Appalachian mountains. Scenery is about 85% completed. The layout has a main yard, two staging yards, and large industrial buildings. Regular operating sessions are held on the layout, which is run via Digitrax DCC. See a YouTube video tour of the layout.

copyright © Frank Pastore (click for larger version)

Donald Webster

S, hi-rail. Track work and scenery is 100% complete with numerous custom-designed structures, including night scene lighting. There is a mix of AC and "dead rail" power on the layout. You can view more photos on the layout's NASG web site page.

copyright © Donald Webster (click for larger version)