2021 Buffalo CanAm
About The Convention


The group that runs the 2021 NASG Convention has unanimously decided to postpone the 2021 NASG Convention to 2022.

As soon as we have more details about the 2022 event, this page will be updated.

The rest of this page is just the information we had before.

Welcome to the main S-scale event of 2021, the NASG Annual Convention, taking place in Buffalo, New York from August 3rd through 7th.

A true cross-border event, the "Buffalo CanAm" is hosted by both the Western New York S Scale Association and the, primarily Canadian-based, S Scale Workshop.

Buffalo, New York boasts a revived downtown setting with an ideal mix of iconic architecture, rich rail and transportation history, and burgeoning tourism both in downtown itself as well as across the Buffalo-Niagara and western New York region. An operating rail excursion as well as railfanning actively within the vicinity also makes for an exciting train-lovers destination.

Families, too, will appreciate and take advantage of the diversity of both rail-themed as well as non-affiliated excursions that the region has to offer. From Niagara Falls to Lake Erie and its harbors, rivers, and canals, Buffalo is home to a water-themed mecca best appreciated during the heart of the summer. Now, more than ever, Buffalo is a destination city!

Things to note:

The 2021 NASG Buffalo CanAm logo is comprised of a black New York Central roundral, Canadian Pacific flag logo, and Canadian Pacific inspired script lettering. These US and Canadian roads were the co-owners of the Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo, which is featured as the 2021 Convention car.

Meet the Crew

Darby Marriott

main contact e-mail
Darby grew up modeling HO-scale and ran O-scale with his grandfather as a child. Having only gotten back into the hobby in the last 5 years, he is newer to S (though third generation via marriage) but has passionately embraced the scale in this short time. He is now active in both the S Scale Workshop as well as the Western New York S Scale Association. He has attended both the Boxborough and Cincinnati NASG Conventions, including participating most recently as a clinic presenter. Professionally, Darby is a Senior Product Manager working with a number of high functioning, geo-dispersed teams within the Media and Entertainment industry. He also has been part of major industry trade show convention planning, marketing, and support for over 15 years, including annually in Las Vegas and Amsterdam. Personally, Darby is excited about returning to his home-town area in Buffalo to showcase the many advancements and rail-themed attractions the region has to offer. Darby, born in Buffalo, has a dual citizen son born while living in Kitchener, ON.

Ron Kemp

Co-Chair, Treasurer, Convention Car Coordinator
Ron's initial foray into "S" began on Christmas 1957 with an uncataloged Flyer set. Over the years focus has shifted from collecting and operating Flyer to the more accurate models, kits, and track currently available. A layout is currently under construction based on the New York Central's Buffalo belt line. Ron is a member on the WNYSSA, NASG, Pines and Prairies, and the NMRA. On the prototype side of the hobby, he belongs to the Western New York Railway Historical Society. Not coincidentally, the former NYC Niagara Falls branch is within view of his house! Ron has been to a significant number of NASG Conventions and was a contributor to the success of the 2010 Convention in Duluth serving as the financial coordinator. Ron is retired and was a Director at a major fan company. Ron is a dual citizen, born in Buffalo while his parents lived in Ft. Erie, ON. See a few photos of Ron's layout under construction.

Gregg Mummert

Facilities and In-house Logistics Coordinator, Layout Tour Coordinator
Gregg got back into model trains in the 1970s. He has been a member of the NASG since 1981 and has attended 17 NASG Conventions since then. He was active with the Bergen County Model RR Club in northern New Jersey and was its secretary for many years. After moving to upstate New York in the early 1990s, Gregg got involved with NFD/TTOS and handled their annual commemorative truck sales as well as acting as the secretary with TTCS for a few years. After attending the 1991 NASG Convention in Syracuse, he joined the Rochester Area S Gaugers. He revived the WNYSSA to have a group based in the Buffalo area instead of traveling to Rochester and has been their unofficial coordinator since. At Jim Martin's urging, his annual Christmas layout was featured in the NASG Dispatch a few years ago. Gregg is a retired Project Manager from Verizon Business. Learn more about Gregg's Christmas layout.

Bud Rindfleisch

Off-site Excursions and Transportation Coordinator
Bud's association with S-scale goes back to 1964 when he bought his first kit, an Ambroid snowplow and a few pair of Northeastern freight car trucks. These pre-dated the Kinsman trucks which used the same molds (to his recollection). Bud has twice served as a contest judge at NASG Conventions and was in attendance at the last Buffalo convention in 1984. Professionally, Bud was employed with six different railroads over the span of 31 years, covering jobs from yard clerk, car knocker, yardmaster, CRT data entry operator, brakeman/conductor, engineer, and even the lowly remote control operator. Bud served as Safety Committee chairman his last two years on the railroad. He also worked over 14 years as a letter-carrier with the USPS, 7 of which coincided with his full-time railroad job. Bud is a native of Buffalo and is very intimate with its storied railroad past.

Cliff Merkle

Registration and Hospitality Coordinator
Cliff remembers his first American Flyer Train set around the Christmas tree before he could remember anything else, from before age 2. The one circle became two not long after, running the 1953 Challenger 4-8-4 freight set along with a chrome diesel with passenger cars, connected with switches and sidings, buildings, and roads. Every Christmas. After graduation from Ohio University, he joined a big city airline. From then on, most of his collection remained in the attic. He worked in various cities around the country, and after 35 years, moved home to re-join his family and get the rest of the American Flyer out of the attic. He remains a member of CASG (Chicago Assn. of S Gaugers), the NASG, and the Western New York S Scale Association.

Dan Malkiewicz

Dealer and Exhibits Coordinator
Dan is a lifetime S gauger since the 1950s, following his father's love for trains and A.C. Gilbert American Flyer. Dan is heavily involved in TTOS, as an officer of the local Niagara Frontier Division and as a major participant in the 2014 TTOS National Convention held in Buffalo. He also continues to coordinate numerous local TTOS shows and events. Dan's fantastic layout has been showcased in Classic Toy Trains, S Gaugian, and the NASG's The Dispatch. It will also be on display in 2021 as part of the Convention. Learn more about Dan's layout.

Jamie Bothwell

Banquet and Auction Events Coordinator
Jamie has been an NASG member since 1989. In that time he has attended 27 Conventions including the last 25. He also served as Convention Chairman for the 2013 Scranton Convention, Tour Organizer for the 2001 Scranton Convention, and Clinic Coordinator for the 2012 Chattanooga Convention. These experiences have given Jamie a clear idea of how to put on a successful convention. Jamie has been a member of the Lehigh Valley S Gaugers since 1988, and has served as their Recording Secretary for many years. Jamie's day job is as a High School science teacher; another place where organization and attention to detail is key to success. Jamie is excited to help with another Convention based on the personal satisfaction he gained from the previous events. An American, Jamie fancies himself as half-Canadian and will answer to "Hey hoser!".

Jim Martin

Marketing and Promotions Coordinator
Jim's interest in model trains was hatched fully-formed on his 8th Christmas. Marx O-27 gave way to HO, which in turn was tossed aside for S. That's where he's been for the past 35 years. While he enjoys occasional side projects in other scales, S is where it's at. Jim's working years were spent entirely in the field of broadcasting and at the end of the day, model railroading was always a great stress buster. Jim has accumulated (hoarded) pretty much everything he needs from here on, so now enjoys concentrating on the social side of the hobby, meeting up with friends, writing, doing clinics, and once upon a time, even podcasting. See photos of Jim's layout.

Simon Parent

Co-Clinics and Workshops Coordinator
Simon lives in the Montreal area and has multiple hobbies and passions in life, including model railroading, big mountain skiing, and nature photography. Simon's interest in trains started at a young age when his dad bought a Triang train set for himself but pretended to his wife it was for Simon. His interest grew over the years and was introduced to S-scale by drawings of an Alco diesel and a CNR caboose in Model Railroader. Exceptionally, he was never exposed to Gilbert AF in his childhood. Simon's first S-scale rolling equipment were a scratchbuild CNR caboose (from the MR drawing) and a Ye Olde Huff & Puff wood box car kit. His first locomotive was an FP7 from American Models that he shortened and detailed to make a CNR F7. Simon always enjoyed scratchbuilding and, as skills and hobby money increased, he was buying tools more than trains. He started building steam locomotives in brass. Over the years, he learned how to use machine tools, design etching artworks, lost-wax casting, and 3D modelling. Simon's interest is the CNR in the province of Quebec during 1939. See photos of Simon's layout.

Andy Malette

Co-Clinics and Workshops Coordinator
Andy started out with Flyer when he was young but gave it up when a teenager. He re-entered S 19 years ago and joined the NASG. Andy has been at every Convention since. He is now a scale modeler in S. Andy's main interest is the Canadian National Railways, any era. He models the Owen Sound/Wiarton Subdivisions of the CNR. Andy is the owner/gopher for M.L.W. Services which produces S-scale fine-scale kits. Andy serves as the NASG's Secretary. Learn more about Andy's layout.

Jeff English

Competition Coordinator
Jeff is the current Eastern Vice-President for the NASG.

Peter Vanvliet

Peter started in the hobbies of model railroading, electronics, and kit-building in the early 1970s in Europe. His parents bought him an N-scale Fleischmann freight train set (since he "was old enough to handle something that small"). Peter's Dad got a degree in Electrical Engineering and experimented with small electronic projects at home, which got Peter interested in that, too. His Dad was a computer programmer, which eventually led Peter to that career, as well. Peter re-entered the model railroading hobby in 1999 by purchasing another N-scale starter set. He has been modeling the PRR ever since. In 2008 he switched to S-scale as N was getting too difficult to see and operate. In that year he also joined the NASG and the Houston S Gaugers. Professionally, Peter owns and operates his own computer software company, Fourth Ray Software, since 2001 which now offers over 25 software products. Additionally, he is the webmaster for the main NASG web site, the Houston S Gaugers web site, and several other small businesses. Visit Peter's personal web site to view his current and previous layouts.

If you have any questions or issues with this web site, feel free to contact Peter via e-mail.