Booty Corner

Name:Booty Corner
Manufacturer:Bar Mills (click for web site)
Manufacturer ID:0983
Year Introduced:2003
Product Type:Craftsman Kit
Online Article:visit site
This is actually a set of three buildings, namely the corner IGA with its 2nd and 3rd floor apartments, "Buster's Barbershop" (the taller building behind and to the left of the main building), and the adjoining newspaper stand (the smaller building in between the two). The kit includes white metal castings, plastic fire escapes, printed store-front windows, the sidewalk, and the billboard. The windows are laser-cut, and all of the double-pane windows can be adjusted in any desired position. The second photo is of the model that Gerry Evans built, who moved the other two smaller buildings to the right of the main structure.
Photo #2
model owned by Paul Washburn
photo © Paul Washburn

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