Armco Steel Building

Name:Armco Steel Building
Year Introduced:2003
Product Type:Kit
Armco Steel Building kit fits the time period of 1960 and later. It builds into a scale 16 x 28-foot building. The model was based on the BNSF mainline structure found near Kings Park, California. It is a simple kit, consisting of injection-molded styrene walls and two-piece roof. Ken's photo shows the kit as-is with no additional parts. The window frames and the door were all molded in. Photo #2 shows the kitbashed model by Gerry Evans. The model was manufactured by Des Plaines Hobbies. There are product reviews of it in the December 2002 and February 2004 NASG Dispatch issues.
Photo #2
model owned by Ken Garber
photo © Ken Garber

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