Product Gallery: Gas/Electric

Manufacturer:American Hi-Rail
Road Name:(undecorated)
Model Introduced:2002
Product Type:Kit
The model represents a 1920s EMC car built by St. Louis Car Co.
model owned by Bill Bartlam
photo © Mark Charles
Manufacturer:Dayton Model Products
Road Name:(undecorated)
Model Introduced:1947
Product Type:Craftsman Kit
The NYC-prototype gas-electric kit included power and trailing trucks with correct brass sideframes. Body is wood with embossed brass sides and ends. Details were soft metal and wood. Specimen built and detailed by Kent Singer, powered by modified Hobbytown HO-scale drive. HO-scale Kadee couplers.
model owned by Dick Karnes
photo © Dick Karnes
Manufacturer:Scenery Unlimited
Road Name:(undecorated)
Model Introduced:1986
Product Type:Brass
Model Online Article:visit site
Manufactured by Samhongsa of Korea. Produced in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the S Gaugian magazine. Includes opening doors, front-end marker lights, coupler and uncoupler lift bars, and handrails. Available with either scale or hi-rail wheels. The model is a scale 59'-4" long, 9'-10" wide, and 13'-6" high, which seems to be fairly accurate. Only the front truck is powered. Two wheels on each truck pick up power from the rails. The car weighs 17 ounces, and can pull 2 ounces. Therefore, weight will need to be added if you plan to pull anything with this engine, unless the car is light and/or the layout is flat. Shown in the original brass state, on Trevor's layout. Be sure to visit Trevor's blog, where he has detailed how he prepared and painted the engine. The three-minute video shows his engine with sound. Jim Hediger reviewed this engine in the February 1987 issue of Model Railroader magazine, where he stated that "This model is one of the best-performing imports I have ever reviewed." Photo #3 shows Bob's finished model.
Photo #2
Photo #3
model owned by Trevor Marshall
photo © Trevor Marshall
Manufacturer:Gardiner Model Railroad Designs (click for web site)
Road Name:Canadian National Railways (CNR)
Prototype Class:D-1
Model Introduced:2016
Product Type:3D-printed
Prototype Link:visit site
3D-printed body and roof.
Photo #2
photo © (Shapeways stock photo)

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