Wabash Valley Models Lehigh Valley F7

Manufacturer:Wabash Valley Models (click for web site)
Manufacturer ID:772.2-64-112
Road Name:Lehigh Valley
Model Introduced:1985
Product Type:Kit
Holt reports that his Lehigh Valley F7A painted shell (Cornell red, black stripes) project is finished. As shown in the photo, Holt added a scale 4'-diameter fan on roof for dynamic brakes, air horns and number boards from B.T.S., and a motor drive and gears unit from an American Models GP9. The AM GP9 drive unit base is 8-3/4" long, and is a good fit for the F7A shell with minor corner trimming of the aluminum alloy drive base; the "recommended" AM FP7 drive unit base, at 9-3/4", is too long, and does not match up with the cutaways on the F7A shell for the drive trucks (those recommendations were made before the AM GP9 chassis was available at the time). He also trimmed the width of the metal drive base by about 1/16" with dremel and file for a snug fit; no screws used. The black paint for the Farr air grills and rooftop exhaust is Testors Model Master enamel, brushed by hand. Light gray enamel was used for the fine trim around the Farr air grills. Road numbers are from miscellaneous decals he had on hand, as well as Woodland Scenics dry transfers. He used flexible clear acrylic sheet for the window and door glazing (side windows are left open for airflow). The long coupler tabs on the AM drive unit were cut back in length and then re-drilled and tapped for the AM 2-56 pivoting coupler screws; note the smaller fixed AM coupler in front, and an operating AM hi-rail coupler has been mounted on the rear end. The roof top and front pilot weathering was brushed-on thinned Model Master flat black enamel, to give the model a mid-1950s road-worn appearance. The Lehigh Valley RR acquired 8 F7A diesels from GM/EMD in 1950, even numbers from 560 thru 574; the odd numbers were F7B units. The prototype 562 engine ran freight on the LV from 1950 until a 1972 trade-in.
Photo #2
model owned by Holt Apgar
photo © Holt Apgar

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