Wabash Valley Models (undecorated) F7

Manufacturer:Wabash Valley Models (click for web site)
Manufacturer ID:772.2-64-100
Road Name:(undecorated)
Model Introduced:1985
Product Type:Kit
The Wabash Valley shells are an improved version of the Enhorning F-unit casts (the Enhorning ones had a deformation on their roof top and a crease on the side). Compared to prototype photos, the Wabash Valley Models shells represent an EMD F3 phase IV (9/1948 to 2/1949) body. The shell has the slight "V"-shape above the rear end flat door panel, which is consistent with F3 body ends, but there is no roof overhang. The shell has the two rectangular roof vents for the dynamic brakes which are an F3 phase IV feature (the two vents were replaced with a 36"-diameter roof fan for the dynamic brakes on F7 phase I engines (11/1948 to 8/1952); the 48" roof fan was used a bit later by EMD on the F7 phase II diesels (8/1952 to 12/1953)). The long stainless steel-framed air grills, with small horizontal vanes, on these shells were common to both F3 phase IV and F7 phase I EMD diesels. These grills replaced the earlier F3 model "chicken wire" air grills. The models shown in Photo #1 and #2 are of Bill's converted F7 A- and B-units. Photo #3 is of Bill's F3 B-unit. Bill has modified his body shells with some brass detailing parts, such as the fans, and replaced the fuel tank skirting with that of an American Models one. Bill reports that many more small details need to be added to his models before it is time for the paint shop. Photo #4 is the stock Model Railroad Warehouse photo showing all available shells in one shot. Originally, the recommendation was to use an American Models FP7 chassis to power these models, and perhaps use its roof details to modify the Wabash Valley shells. In 1988 Omnicon Scale Models announced a chassis specifically designed for this shell. Nowadays, the American Models GP9 is a much better fit and will only require some corner trimming of the GP9's metal base. The shells are still available today (772.2-64-100 A-unit; 772.2-64-101 B-unit). The shells were reviewed in the November/December 1985 issue of the S Gaugian by Robert Nicholson, noting that they represent the F-units starting with the later F3 versions. As a side note, in 1990, Des Plaines Hobbies produced etched-brass sides that the model could attach to these shells to convert the model into an F2, F3 (phases 1 through 4), or an F7.
Photo #2
Photo #3
Photo #4
model owned by Bill Winans
photo © Bill Winans

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