S-Helper Service Chicago, Burlington & Quincy F3

Manufacturer:S-Helper Service
Manufacturer ID:00364
Road Name:Chicago, Burlington & Quincy
Road Number:160a/160b
Model Introduced:2001
Product Type:Ready-to-Run
Model Online Article:visit site
The set consisted of the A-unit SHS #00614, and the B-unit SHS #00637.
Another A-B set was produced as SHS #00365 (road numbers 161a & 161b), consisting of SHS #00615 and SHS #00638.
An additional A-unit by itself is listed as SHS #00553 (no road number specified).
Also listed is SHS #01288 as an A-B-A set (no road numbers specified). The "Online Article" link above is an image file that is the layout of the original F3's DCC board.
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