Overland Models, Inc. (undecorated) 4-6-2

Manufacturer:Overland Models, Inc.
Manufacturer ID:1737
Road Name:(undecorated)
Model Introduced:1990
Product Type:Brass
USRA Light. Built by M.S. Models out of Korea. Jim Kindraka reported in the early 1990s that some of these locomotives could develop problems with the universal joint. The collars can crack on either or both sides (the plastic used for them was of poor quality). Ideally, a replacement can be found in the original Overland Models' F3 or F7 locomotives. River Raisin Models produced a number of extra ones in 1991, called their "Redrive Kit" (you may be able to find them on the secondary market). If using one of these kits, the smaller of the two shaft holes needs to be drilled out for the 4-6-2. Use a #41 drill bit. Removal of motor will be necessary on the model, and then carefully, but firmly, press fitting the new universal on both shafts.
model owned by Bob Werre
photo © Bob Werre

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