Omnicon Scale Models (undecorated) F7

Manufacturer:Omnicon Scale Models
Road Name:(undecorated)
Model Introduced:1988
Product Type:Hybrid (brass & plastic)
The photo is from the Omnicon promotional flyer. A- and B-units were available. It consisted of an NWSL drive, a Wabash Valley shell (made out of styrene, itself the revised Enhorning shell), brass sideframes, and a frame by SouthWind Models. A package of super-detailing parts were available separately from Omnicon. The models arrived ready-to-run, and the gearing was set to match the American Model FP7 engines available at that time. These models could be used for building a late-F3 model or an early F7 one, with some extra effort by the modeler. A product review was written about this model in the June 1988 issue of the NASG's The Dispatch magazine.

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