Baltimore & Ohio (B&O) Cabooses, Wood

Manufacturer:American Models (click for web site)
Manufacturer ID:7503
Category:Cabooses, Wood
Road Name:Baltimore & Ohio (B&O)
Road Number:C1847
Model Introduced:2000
Product Type:Ready-to-Run
Instructions for how to gain access to the interior of this model can be found here.
model owned by Holt Apgar
photo © Holt Apgar
Manufacturer:S Scale America
Manufacturer ID:70
Category:Cabooses, Wood
Road Name:Baltimore & Ohio (B&O)
Prototype Class:I-10
Model Introduced:2016
Product Type:Craftsman Kit
It is a bare-bones laser-cut wood kit with brass etchings; modeler provides everything else including brake gear.
photo © (S Scale America stock photo)

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