Brass Models by (unknown manufacturer)

Manufacturer:(unknown manufacturer)
Category:Tank Cars 1-dome
Road Name:Sinclair
Road Number:13151
Prototype Era:1941
Product Type:Brass
This factory-painted and lettered car. The ends state "6,000 gallons" and the sides state "80,000lbs". The manufacturer of this car is unknown. At first it was thought to be SouthWind Models, but the underframe detailing doesn't match other SouthWind Models tank cars. It is not a scale/gauge conversion car, as the rivets on the tank are S-scale size. The best guess so far is that this is a W.A. Drake & Co. pilot model. Bob bought this model second-hand, and the previous owner has no recollection as to its origins. If you have any idea, please contact the webmaster.
model owned by Bob Hogan
photo © Bob Hogan

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