Lehigh Valley Models Stock Cars poultry

Manufacturer:Lehigh Valley Models
Manufacturer ID:LVM45
Category:Stock Cars - poultry
Road Name:Stentz Palace Poultry (PPKX)
Model Introduced:1999
Product Type:Craftsman Kit
Photo #3 shows the one end of the car that has two sliding doors, one for each level. Half of the car is for live poultry, and the other half is refrigerated for packaged eggs, butter, and poultry, as well as space for the attendant that took care of the animals enroute. This is a craftsman's kit consisting of pre-cut wood pieces, Kadee 802 couplers, Ace archbar trucks (kit), KC brake system white metal parts, formed grab irons, brass wire, and custom-printed decals.
Photo #2
Photo #3
Photo #4
model owned by Edwin Kirstatter
photo © Edwin Kirstatter

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