Ambroid Co Watermelon Cars

Manufacturer:Ambroid Co
Category:Watermelon Cars
Road Name:Atlantic Coast Line
Model Introduced:1950
Product Type:Craftsman Kit
Online Article:visit site
Ambroid Co. contracted with Northeastern Model Co. to manufacture three S-scale kits in the early 1950s: B&M snowplow, AAR stock car, and this 36' ACL watermelon car. All were wood kits with soft-metal and stamped-brass details. Lettered panels pre-painted, relettered. Specimen built by Dick Karnes. Trucks: Northeastern Andrews (included in kit). Couplers: HO Kadee couplers. The product was reviewed in the October 1963 S Gauge Herald (see online article link).
model owned by Dick Karnes
photo © Dick Karnes

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