1963-era Models by Concept Models

Manufacturer:Concept Models
Category:Well Cars
Road Name:Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR)
Road Number:470249
Prototype Class:FW2
Prototype Era:1963
Model Introduced:2017
Product Type:Kit
The resin kit consists of the main car body parts. It does not include the the trucks, or the couplers, but it does come with the load. The idea is that these relatively affordable kits provide the modeler with a good start, but additional detailing can be done by the modeler to the extend he or she wishes. In 1963, Westinghouse bought this car from General Steel Industries, and sold it to the PRR for transporting its large bearing castings. It was 60 feet long over the strikers, and could carry 400,000lbs. Two photos were published in the Pennsylvania Railroad Flat Cars book published by the PRRT&HS in 2008. The model appears to be an accurate representation.
photo © (Concept Models stock photo)

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