1941-era Models by S-Helper Service

Manufacturer:S-Helper Service
Manufacturer ID:00319
Category:Flat Cars
Road Name:Union Pacific (UP)
Road Number:57028
Prototype Era:1941
Model Introduced:1997
Product Type:Ready-to-Run
The photo may not match the actual SHS product number (it is presumed to be an SHS model). If you know for sure, please contact the webmaster. Also produced as:
SHS #00216 (road number 15321)
SHS #00261 (road number 15082)
SHS #00309 (road number 58073)
SHS #00562 (road number 258164)
SHS #00563 (road number 57059)
SHS #00174 (road number 15061).
model owned by John Eichmann
photo © John Eichmann

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