American Models (undecorated) Passenger Cars

Manufacturer:American Models
Category:Passenger Cars - sleeper
Road Name:(undecorated)
Product Type:Ready-to-Run
This 12-1 car was part of a project that Dick Karnes undertook in 2004 to have American Models produce a set of cars for the NASG. Although they were delivered around the time of the 2004 NASG Convention, they were not a "convention car". The car was done in four schemes: Pullman green (with dulux Pullman pool lettering and car names), Tuscan Red with dulux stripes (with dulux PRR and N&W Pullman lettering and car names), two-tone grey with aluminum stripes (with Pullman pool lettering and compatible car names), and CNR 1954 scheme, lettered "Canadian National" (with suitable car names). Lettering sets were dry transfers from Artist Aid, an Arizona firm. The cars came painted but unlettered, to allow the modeler to make the choice (suitable dry transfers were included, including "PULLMAN"). Some of the CNR cars initially had the wrong body color, so the NASG provided the "CNR Pullman Remediation Kit" to help owners correct the problem (or they could send it back to American Models to have it be corrected). Due to the success of this project, American Models later released a matching cafe car for each of the four schemes. Also, the six-wheel truck was improved during this project, which has been standard on AM cars since then. The model in the photo has been modified by Bill by using custom decals by Stan Cedarleaf for Bill's private railroad, the SLE&P.
model owned by Bill Winans
photo © Bill Winans

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