American Models Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) Gondolas

Manufacturer:American Models (click for web site)
Manufacturer ID:4404
Road Name:Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR)
Prototype Class:G31d
Model Introduced:1986
Product Type:Ready-to-Run
Holt's model was built from the kit version. American Models used to produce kit versions which were the three-digit product numbers (the current ready-to-run models have the digit "4" prefixed to the model number). 52-foot car. The model in the background is the original American Molds version (with a plain keystone) of the ready-to-run model. The one in the foreground is the older kit version (A.M. #404), which Holt modified by lettering it for the PRR's class G31D, with accurate road number #376128, and with the shadow keystone. These G31D prototypes were built by ACF in 1951-52, and were rebuilt and repainted by PRR shops in 1961-62 (as modeled by Holt).
model owned by Holt Apgar
photo © Holt Apgar

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